Dear Valued Customer,
After over 25 years, we have made the impossible decision to sell our family business. We have endeavored to provide the best service possible with the best rates around. We wanted to offer something to our community that we were proud of – to live our value that hard, honest work is a purpose worth pursuing.
When COVID hit, we never closed. We never skipped routes. We were busier than ever, but we still worked to provide the best service possible. Even if it meant coming in on the weekends, working from sun up to sundown, or staying open when other businesses closed, we were committed to our values and to our customers.
As stimulus checks were issued and more folks were encouraged to not join the workforce, we continued to get busier – with less staff. The arduous challenge of trying to find good employees who exemplified our values proved to be the one challenge we couldn’t overcome.
Running a small business is tough. Running a small business in a state that is not friendly to small businesses is very tough. Running a small business during a pandemic is extremely tough.
We know that it is you, our loyal customer, who is most affected by this decision. We are deeply saddened that you are now in the position of having to transition to the company we sold to: Southwest Disposal or change services to another provider.
Not only do we want to tell you that we’re sad to say goodbye, but we want to say thank you. Thank you for over two decades of adventure. Thank you for choosing the underdog. Thank you for supporting small business. Thank you for making Mesilla Valley Disposal possible.
With gratitude,
Mesilla Valley Disposal