Servicing Residents and Local Businesses Since 2012

 Since awarded the contract in 2012 we have established over 700 customers in the City of Anthony. We commit to quality, great customer service, and reliability in the continuing efforts of the City to keep the streets clean and beautiful!

We provide curbside weekly service in a one man operated vehicle each Wednesday.

  • Cans must be accessible before 6AM to 5PM
  • Must be 3 feet from street and in an undisturbed area away from parked vehicles, trees, any other object that will unable the truck to pick up the cart.
  • Please keep trash from overflowing! The lid should be able to close.
  • Multiple cans can be ordered.

Dumpster Services are also available.  We service once a week on Wednesday or Friday depending on your location. Frequency is a minimum of once a month service. Businesses also have the option of getting service twice a week if needed!

  • We have 2, 3, 4, 6, & 8 Yard dumpsters!
  • Must meet City of Anthony’s standard and restrictions.
  • Minimum of three months are required.

Residents and Local Businesses must call us directly to set up service at 575-647-9094.  Sign up for new accounts require the following:

  • Name of Resident or Business
  • Current contact and mailing information
  • One months service fee (pro-rated if applicable)
  • Social Security Number or Tax ID # (State issued ID/Drivers License may be accepted)

Rates for Dumpsters:

2 Yard Dumpster = $66.81

3 Yard Dumpster = $83.36

4 Yard Dumpster = $98.06

6 Yard Dumpster = $165.47

8 Yard Dumpster = $189.98

Rates for 96 Gallon Carts:

1 Cart = $18.02

2 Carts = $27.27

3 Carts = $39.53

Prices include tax and city franchise fees- (All prices reflect the contractual agreement between the City of Anthony and Mesilla Valley Disposal.)