Whether your needs are big or small, we have the right service for you.  From our 96 gallon containers to our wide variety of dumpster sizes, we are sure we can find the right and affordable option to fit your needs. We can normally delivery your container the following business day and can start your service the next scheduled day!

96 Gallon Cart

We service our 96 Gal containers once a week. Scheduled day of service and rates are based on your location.


Dumpster Services

  • We have metal dumpsters in 1.5 (also available as a plastic tub), 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 cubic yard sizes. To see sizes please click here.
  • These containers have lids on top of the container and can be requested with hardware to be able secure with a lock. (we do not provide locks)
  • Frequency of service can be adjusted to meet your needs.
  • Rates are based on dumpster size and the number of pickups per week.
  • Dumpsters must be accessible on the day of service without any obstruction such as; parked cars, locked gates, any materials/waste around the dumpsters. Muddy, sandy, or soft ground due to weather conditions can result in the container not being serviced. If you feel that we are not be able to service your dumpster please call our office at 575-647-9094 to let us know before your schedule day.

Open Top Roll Off Containers:

Open top roll off containers are large, rectangular containers for holding trash, debris, brush and other non-food waste. There is a fee for container use, depending upon the size of the container and the amount of tonnage. [rev_slider commercial] <br


Pull fees:

Charges vary on location of container, usage, and size of container needed. This charge is when we pick up your full container and haul to the Transfer Station or Land Fill.

The Land Fill Fees are:

$44 per ton (non-clean fill).

$4.29 to $22.90 (clean fill) per ton regardless of size. To see what the requirements are for clean fill, please call Clean Fill Site at 575-521-9356.

Delivery Fees:

Delivery fee is a one-time charge per container during the entire duration of usage. The delivery charge is based on drop-off location and is billed on your first invoice.

Daily Rental Fees:

Open top roll off containers rentals are for 30 days. A daily rental fee of $3.00 per day may be applied if container is not serviced or a final pick up is not scheduled 30 days from day of drop off. However, if container is serviced within the first 30 days, the 30 days rolls over from the day your container was serviced.

Commercial Recycling

For all Commercial Recycling please look at our Commercial Recycling Page.

For more info on Commercial Recycling please visit South Central Solid Waste Authority.