We currently provide services for roll off containers in Dona Ana County, Otero County, Luna County, Sierra County, and El Paso County. We also provide services in the City of Las Cruces.

Open Top/Roll Off Containers

Open top roll off containers are large, rectangular containers for holding trash, debris, brush and other non-food waste. There is a fee for container use, depending upon the size of the container and the amount of trash. Customers can contact our office at 575-647-9094 to schedule pick-up.

The dump fee for a roll off is $45.86 per ton (non clean fill, non green waste), $4.96 per ton (clean fill), or $22.70 per ton (green waste) regardless of size. To see what the requirements are for clean fill or green waste, please call 575-521-9356. Open top roll off containers have to be serviced at a minimum of 30 days.

Roll Off Service Agreement & Terms:
Daily Rental Fee: may be assessed at a rate of $3.00 per day if container is not serviced or picked up 30 days from the delivery date. * 30 day period does start over with each service pick up (dump and return).
You must call the office for service or final pick up. The number is 575-647-9094.

A max weight of 12 tons is permitted per container.  * If any fines apply for overweight we reserve the right to assess overweight charges to your account in addition to overweight fees.  ($100.00 per occurrence)

No hazardous waste or materials, tires, dead animals, or motor oils are allowed in container. No exceptions.

If you believe your container may qualify for the clean fill you must tell the driver and inform the office when you call in for service.  * To qualify for clean fill your load must be clean dirt, yard waste, or clean concrete (no wires, or re-bar, nails etc). Loads may not be co-mingled or have any trash of any sort. If your load is rejected for any reason, your load will be sent to the regular solid waste transfer station and you dump fee will be charge the current rate of $45.86 per ton.

Duties and Liability.  Company leases to Customer safe equipment for the storage of Legal Waste until collected by the Company. Such equipment remains the property of Company. If Customer permits Company’s equipment to be modified, damaged, made inaccessible to the Company, removed, hidden, stored, or otherwise interfered with, Customer shall pay for all damage, loss of use, storage fees, delivery costs, and attorney’s fees in regaining possession of the equipment and restoring it to its normal working condition, or at the option of the Company, Company shall be required to pay for the then current replacement value of the equipment, which then becomes the property of Customer.

Placement: Company will place its equipment where Customer designates, providing that Company’s trucks can get safe access for pick-up.Company will not be responsible for any damage to private pavement or its subsurface, including pipes or wires in the subsurface or over the right of way caused by its trucks or equipment in serving Customer.